What is Paint System Defect Analysis?

High production, high quality paint systems must operate efficiently in order to meet customer production demands and be profitable. In order to create a sustainable quality painting environment, paint defect analysis is a powerful tool for maximizing daily production yields and even more powerful for continuous improvement efforts. Defect analysis, simply stated, is the process of observing painted production parts and quantifying the defects per unit (DPU) with the cause of the defect. This data then can be used to determine the most prominent defects allowing focus to be put on finding the cause. With this information, countermeasures can be established to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the bad actors.

Synergy’s purpose is to create a sustainable quality painting environment. We use defect analysis as a key continuous improvement tool to optimize our technical cleaning tasks, selection and validation of the correct filtration solutions, and selection and validation of surface prep wipes. Our specialists analyze defects with powerful microscopes to determine the type of defect and the layer of paint where the defect is resident. Then compared to the previously created defect library the likely source can be determined quickly and efficiently. Then problem solving techniques are used to find alternatives to eliminate the defect cause. This process is carefully tracked through a systematic pro-active approach.

Because we know paint systems and what drives quality, we are able to expand the typical defect program to provide greater benefits that result in a lasting efficiency increase.
• The typical defect program is a 3-step process; collect data, create reports and hold meeting to discuss data.

The Synergy defect program is a robust results producing 8-step process; collect defect data, create defect library, root cause source of defects, create countermeasures to mitigate defects, assist in fixing issues, feedback loop for adjusting cleaning frequencies, create reports, hold in-depth findings and resolution meetings.

Overview of Synergy Paint Defect Analysis Services

Synergy technicians are specialists in minimizing paint defects caused by foreign material (dirt) and substrate imperfections. Our focus is on creating a sustainable quality painting environment. Defect analysis is one of the primary tools used to eliminate costly defects. Our defect analysis services are tailored to your needs.

1. Paint Defect Analysis Program

Our paint defect analysis program consists of an 8-step process. This in-factory service is highly effective producing lasting results to improve your first-time yields and overall production predictability. Our technicians become an integral part of your paint process team.

2. Paint Defect Swat

This paint defect analysis service is for the paint shop that either is experiencing a high level of defects without resolution or for the defect where a root cause has been undetectable. Our team of technicians can provide insights from dozens of paint defect analysis programs and expert problem-solving skills to resolve your defect headaches.

3. Laboratory Analysis

Our laboratory has the equipment to perform in-depth defect analysis on your painted product. With high-powered 3D analysis, we can pin-point the paint layer defect location and analyze against numerous defect libraries to help determine the probable cause. A full-color report is provided.

4. Defect Library Database Creation

Defect library creation is a specialized service that requires the experience of a knowledgeable paint system technician. All typical sources of foreign material defects will be cataloged outlining the source, microscopic images of the defect and images of the defect as it appears in a painted part. Potential countermeasures are included for each defect cause. This invaluable tool will increase defect resolution velocity and help minimize wild goose chases.

Benefits of Defect Analysis

Improved Production Yields

Improved Production Yields

First-time yields, also called first-pass yields, can make all the difference in consistently meeting your customer expectations. This important KPI is improved with an effective defect analysis program.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

The difficult challenge with paint system performance is the never-ending change that occurs within the production environment. Defect analysis is the closed-loop needed to deal with these changes.

Predictable Production Results

Predictable Production Results

A well run defect analysis program creates sustainability and predictability. This systematic approach, overtime, is simply the best pro-active approach to manage the results of your paint system. Fully supported with data, root cause analysis and countermeasures upper and lower control limits will narrow. A true sign of predictability.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

The end result of higher yields is lower cost. Lower rework cost, lower overtime cost, and lower cost of the wild goose chase.

What is Paint System Defect Analysis? FAQs

We have paint defects that we have not been able to identify. Can Synergy help with this?

Yes. Either in-factory or through our laboratory, we have in-depth experience in identifying and creating strategies to eliminate the most stubborn paint defects.

Can we send you painted parts to analyze defects?

Yes, we have specialized microscopes that help us identify and analyze defects. However, the real value of defect analysis is determining the specific defect and cause in your production environment. We do this either through an ongoing in-plant service or we can create a process that your team can implement.

Do you have experience in plastic molding defect identification?

With over ten years in servicing interior and exterior molded plastic manufacturers, we have a thorough understanding of molded substrate defects. From outgassing to porosity, fiber tears, and bonding defects. These troublesome defects that appear in the paint finish, benefit from our defect analysis program. It’s not always the paint line that is producing the defect.

Can you recommend surface prep strategies to help us with defects after finesse?

We have a close relationship as an authorized distributor for Contec, the leading producing of quality wipes for the finishing industry. In fact we have a separate Surface Prep Care program that addresses this key area of the finishing process.



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