What Differentiates Us

We Know Paint Systems

Synergy is a group of paint system specialists. Because we know paint systems, we can create effective strategies to improve the performance of your paint line. Even more importantly, our team can more easily adapt to changing conditions on the fly. We do not need our customers to tell us what to clean or check.

Our Services Makes a Difference

All of our services are focused on creating a sustainable quality painting environment that minimizes foreign material defects. Our signature service offering, Delta, is the heart of our offerings where we blend our expertise to create real tangible value for our customers. All other services supplement this effort, or they can be provided as a stand-alone service.

Paint Rack Care is a real specialty that includes pick up and delivery, cleaning, maintenance and repair. We perform paint rack care on carriers, skids and tooling.

We Have All the Needed Skillsets In-house

Unlike our competition, we have all the skillsets in-house to perform our services. We don’t use sub-contractors. This allows us to continuously improve our services based upon lessons learned and our own internal continuous improvement.


Over 10 years of experience making a difference for so many customers, allows us to draw on past success and failures. Knowing what to do right the first time is a huge advantage. More importantly, we have been able to hone our process consistently produce a winning outcome!

We Understand High-Pressure Production Environments

We become an integral part of your team knowing that our success is based on your success. High-pressure production is just part of the normal day for the Synergy Team. Even though our pro-active approach minimizes urgent situations, we also know how to “Swat” effectively.



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