Company Overview

Synergy provides a variety of paint system maintenance services. We have one focus. Create a sustainable quality painting environment to minimize foreign material defects to maximize first-time yields reducing total costs. Our target is to produce tangible savings for our customers of more than 20% of the value of our services year-after-year. We do this through targeted Kaizen events.

At the heart of our culture, we believe that by making a difference for our customers, allows them to grow, which in turn allows Synergy to grow, which in turn allows our employees to grow. This interdependence motivates our employees because they can clearly see how their successful efforts can have a personal benefit.

Synergy primarily services manufacturers located throughout the USA. We have operations in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Georgia. Customers in numerous industries can benefit from our services including automotive, automotive parts suppliers, heavy truck, ag and construction equipment, aerospace, defense, utility vehicles, and general product manufacturing.

Our Ohio Service Center located near Findlay, OH provides our Paint Rack Care service to customers within a 200-mile radius. Utilizing multiple cleaning technologies, we are able to process conveyor carriers, paint skids, tooling and grates of varying metal types. Synergy is always looking for new Service Center locations.

As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise we can offer our customers minority content to meet their customers diversity guidelines.



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