Does Synergy offer facility construction deep cleaning services?

Yes, we offer a wide range of facility cleaning services that encompass new construction deep cleaning.

Does Synergy offer janitorial services?

No, Synergy does not offer janitorial services at this time.

Does Synergy clean stacks and fans?

Yes, Synergy offers many solutions to include but not limited to CO2 cleaning, high pressure water, and negative air cleaning.

What does MERV rating mean?

MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This rating was developed by the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers- ASHRAE. MERV values range from 1-16 the higher the MERV rating the more efficient the filter will be at trapping particles.

Does Synergy offer vacuum truck services?

Yes, Synergy has vast experience cleaning paint system sludge pits that require vacuum truck services.

Why can’t my employees balance our system off static pressure of the booths and tunnels?

While static pressure is an indicator of airflow a large portion of the story is lost. While a booth may be a lower pressure than the surrounding tunnels proper downdraft and cross draft velocities may not be ensured. We balance to ensure proper balance to capture overspray using OSHA safety standards for downdraft and cross draft while maintaining VFD frequencies lower than the maximum to allow for filter loading.

What if our VFD is at maximum output?

After measuring and determining if flow rate is higher or lower than needed our team will recommend slowing the fan down and creating a correction factor based on actual versus displayed volume. If slowing the fan down is out of the question and the motor powering it is below F.L.A (Full Load Amperage) our team typically recommends resheaving. This of course depends on many variables what the fan is servicing, fan capacity, cleanliness of the system etc.

Why should Synergy clean my system?

Synergy cleaning relies on our technical approach to cleaning targeted areas based on analysis of defects and overall performance of the system on top of routine cleaning. We have a proven track record of improving production results with our intelligent cleaning approach.

Can you automate my paint system air balance?

Yes, our team of process and controls engineers can develop and integrate an automatic booth balance system complete with airflow sensors, transmitters, VFDs and an user-friendly touch-screen HMI to display airflow in real time.

We have no design airflow documentation for our system, can you help?

Yes, our process engineers can gather design information and create a detailed airflow schematic on AutoCAD specific to your paint system.

Do you water balance?

Yes, we can perform water balances in a paint system including chilled water systems that serve air house coils, heat exchangers, etc. and also sludge systems in wet spray booths.

We do not know the proper filter to use in our system, can you help?

Yes, we can help select the proper filter for any paint application. We understand the importance selecting the proper filter for not only maximum filter life but also performance (e.g. initial and final pressure drop, MERV rating, face velocity, etc.).

We believe one of our paint system fans is underperforming, can you troubleshoot?

Yes, we can obtain original design information from the manufacturer, such as the fan curve, and perform a series of tests in order to check its performance including traverse readings, fan statics, RPM, check clearances, etc.

Can Synergy design and integrate my new paint system?

No. Synergy specializes in the management of paint system processes. System integration is a specialized field that requires specific resources for successful installation and operation. Synergy can assist with the selection of an integrator and consult during the design phase.

My paint system was performing as designed, but had deteriorated over time. Can Synergy troubleshoot my paint system?

Yes. Synergy has a technical team capable of auditing your system, identifying deficiencies and providing solutions for restoring system function to design specifications.

We have paint defects that we have not been able to identify, can Synergy help with this?

Yes. Synergy has specialized equipment and qualified personnel that can identify the type of paint defect and determine the source of the defect.

How long will it take to balance my Spraybooth?

The process of air balancing has five major steps; observation, data collection, adjustment, verification, and documenting results. The amount of time these five steps take is directly proportional to the complexity of your system, it’s current condition and the methods available to adjust air flow. Generally speaking, a system can be re-balanced in 3 days where 2 of the days we have full access to the system. Balancing a new paint system, again depending on the complexity, can take from 2 to 4 weeks.

Can we send you our parts to analyze defects?

Yes, we have specialized microscopes that help us identify and analyze defects. However, the real value of defect analysis is determining the specific defect and cause in your production environment. We do this either through an ongoing in-plant service or we can create a process that your team can implement.

Can you maintain our paint rack tolerances needed for robotic painting? 

Yes, our Service Center has a fully equipped rack maintenance shop. The best approach is to have us clean and maintain your paint racks on an ongoing basis. We will establish a specific process just for your needs helping you paint better day-after-day.



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