Paint Rack Care Carey OH

Proper paint rack and conveyor carrier cleaning and maintenance can make all the difference in creating a stable quality painting environment. Although necessary, it is a difficult environmentally hazardous process that consumes considerable factory floor space and manpower. Synergy’s Service Centers in Carey OH can eliminate all the hassle and reduce your cost of maintenance. We utilize multiple cleaning technologies allowing for processing of different rack materials.

Fast Turn-Around

We understand the frustration of waiting for your racks or carriers to be processed. Our Service Center has a reputation for fast turnaround. The key to our success is working directly with your team to set-up the right frequency of pick-up and delivery. We closely monitor the utilization of our equipment preventing over commitment.

Pick-Up and Delivery

We make it easy. Just load our truck and we take it from there. A custom pick-up and delivery routine will be established to match your needs. Your carriers and racks are transported via our own enclosed box trucks or on flatbed trailers.


Having multiple technologies available we can process numerous types of metals. We utilize Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting, medium pressure water jetting, thermal cleaning and chemical stripping. Rust preventative can be applied to cleaned racks for transport.

Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance shop determines the need for repair though visual inspections against your standards or through the use of precise jigs. We correct problem areas including broken welds, loose rivets, worn seals, missing attachment pins and many more. All repairs are noted on our quality reports.


It is common that tooling requires updating due to product changes. As well, continuous improvement efforts identify better ways for positioning the part for painting or for more efficient racking to improve density. Through our paint rack care program, modifications to existing tooling can be done efficiently, normally as the tooling is completing the cleaning and repair cycle. We also fabricate virgin racks and carriers to our customer’s design.

What does Paint Rack Maintenance Prevent?

Numerous detrimental results will likely occur when proper care is neglected.


All powder paint system and a majority of liquid systems depend on good grounding. Paint transfer efficiency suffers when the ground is compromised.

Vehicle to Migrate Dirt

Overspray that has collected on the carrier and racks cure in the oven. Flaking and dusting is common contributing to dirt. Sanding residue transported by carriers is an additional cause for defects that is commonly transported on the carrier

Part Position for Automated Painting

The proper positioning of parts on the paint rack is important for quality painting with automation. Gun to target distance changes can cause multiple paint defects such as heavy or thin coverage and sags. The effectiveness of masking is commonly seen to be affected as well.

Falling Parts

When part connection points build-up too much paint, parts are not held securely. When being processed in the pre-treatment, blow-off zones or ovens parts will be dislodged from the rack, falling and becoming scrap.

Paint Rack Care Carey OH FAQs

What Cleaning Technologies Do You Use?

Synergy’s Service Center utilizes a broad range of state-of-the-art technology including:

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting, Thermal Cleaning and Chemical Stripping

How far away do you service?

Carey is located in northern Ohio but we pick up and deliver to cities up to 150 miles away such as Fort Wayne, Toledo, Dayton, and even Detroit.



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