Filter Care

Filter Care is an important part of minimizing dirt and managing total costs. The most cost-effective solution is to combine Filter Care with Synergy’s Delta Expert Technical Cleaning Program.

Why Synergy?

Air quality, airflow volume, airflow direction and air pressure are all affected by the filtration composition in the paint system including how well they are maintained. Our Filter Care program is custom-designed to the specific needs of your paint system. The available elements of our Filter Care program include:

Best filter selection

In order to select the right filter, it is important to first understand the overall paint system process and the required production quality output. Because we know paint systems our process engineering experts can select the right type and efficiency. A total cost evaluation is provided with anticipated usage so decisions are made taking into account the balance between air quality and total cost.

Monitoring filter loading

Change-on-demand is our suggested and preferred method. This way full filter life is utilized. Based on an airflow audit and filter capability a pressure drop profile is created identifying the acceptable window. With this approach, air flow disruption is minimized, and air quality is never sacrificed. Our technicians perform readings on all filter banks. Results are tabulated in a comprehensive report with SPC limits. Filter changes are scheduled based upon this information.

Monitoring air quality

Particle count analysis will be periodically completed to ensure that the air quality is to the standard expected. This validation step is necessary. From time-to-time incoming particle size distribution and concentration used for the original filter selection can change for a variety of reasons. A process change may have taken place or production volumes increased or other actions that can affect filter performance.

Filter changes

Our technicians will change out the filters based upon the filter loading report. Careful attention will be paid to ensure the integrity of the new filter, proper orientation and integrity of the seal. Spent filters will be packaged for disposal and transported to the designated area of the factory. Filter change information will be documented as part of Inventory Management.

Inventory management

Filter purchase, filter receipt, stock forecasting, stock monitoring and usage reporting are all performed within the Inventory Management module. Over time stock forecasting will be optimized to reduce costs. The filter inventory area of the factory will be kept neat and organized according to 5S principles.

Continuous improvement

Targeted kaizen events will be completed in order to uncover areas where either cost can be reduced or areas affecting quality can be improved. Also, as new filter developments become available an assessment will be completed.


 Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (FFT)

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (FFT)

As an authorized distributor of FFT, we offer the best filtration solutions available. Coupled with our process knowledge and value-added services, Synergy is the best partner for you.

FFT offers a wide variety of filtration solutions for:
Fresh air systems; EPS, HEPA, ULPA
Air distribution
Recirculating spray booth systems
Paint overspray collection including dry-scrubber solutions
High-temperature oven filtration
Powder spray booth filtration




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