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Synergy Quality System

SQS Quality System

Synergy Quality System (SQS) is our proprietary process that maximizes both product finish quality and paint system operations.

SQS consistently samples paint coatings, analyzes defects, identifies the top 3 defects. Each month the top 3 defects pop up. We use Pareto analysis and tracking to monitor the defects. We identify and implement countermeasures to eliminate or minimize the defects. The next month a new Top 3 defects are identified and the process is repeated.

Using our SQS process, we tripled the first pass yield rate and OEM acceptance of production parts for a Tier automotive supplier.

Having carnal knowledge of paint system design, engineering and operations enables us to provide a unique value to your paint facility. We typically report to top management and use a bottom up approach that gains the buy-in from members of all levels of the paint team. The efforts are directed to improving key performance indicators that the paint department is responsible to accomplish. These are normally critical business issues such as first pass yield, cost per square foot, quality defects, production efficiency and worker safety.

The result of the monthly efforts include an action plan to address strategic and tactical issues necessary to improve performance with who is accountable and when it is due to be complete. Each month performance indicators are reviewed and discussed in group sessions. A Scoreboard is posted on the plant floor so results are communicated to everyone.

SQS enables manufacturing plants to:

  • Use a ground zero approach to create focus and culture change
  • Let the defect data analysis drives process changes that attain results
  • Design and implement countermeasures using a structured process
  • Develop automated control of data defined critical processes

The defect data drives the priorities. Countermeasures may include cleanliness, filtration, airflow, chemical management, tightened process control, maintenance or a variety of other measures. But in each case, SQS focuses countermeasures on the processes that impact dirt the most.

Our contact info: Phone 586-630-0205 or email info@SynergyPSM.com.

Paint Defect Caused by Foam Sound Deadener breaking down on walls of blow-off supply unit and being sucked into blow fans

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SQS Defect Tracking


SQS Defect Countermeasures Plan