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Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning and Plant Maintenance

Synergy PSM provides effective plant maintenance and industrial cleaning services to keep industrial manufacturing plants and factories running efficiently. We keep your equipment and plant working and looking new.

We provide a wide variety of maintenance and cleaning services including:

  • Specialized cleaning of manufacturing systems and plants
  • Maintain and clean vents, machines, exhausts, work stations
  • Maintain and clean weld / body shop, stamping, assembly, paint facility

We have structured methods, strategies and practices that include tailored equipment maintenance, trouble-shooting and general clean-up. Our services help avoid costly line stoppages and reduce plant costs. We utilize a usage centered maintenance strategy that helps determine how to improve operating procedures, minimize unnecessary filter replacement costs, maximize machine uptime and improve production efficiencies. This increases cost effectiveness and attains a greater understanding of the system operations.

Machinery, Workstation and Facility Cleaning

We remove carbon, grease, oils, surface corrosion, paint and coatings from a variety of alloys, metals, plastics and composites. Our services also include not only the machinery and workstations, but also the facility infrastructure; such as lights, ceilings, pipes, overheads, hard-to-reach areas and ductwork exteriors.

Operational Maintenance

Our operational maintenance services extend the life of equipment and maximize performance. We inspect machines to spot any changes or issues, such as loose fasteners or debris that can cause an accident. We also provide basic cleaning including degreasing, filter and belt replacement, and lubrication.
We are looking forward to speaking with you about our plant maintenance and industrial cleaning services.Please give us a call at 586-630-0205 or email info@SynergyPSM.com.