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Industrial Paint System Upgrades

Our extensive knowledge and experience in production paint finishing systems enables cost-effective and efficient resolution of nagging problems in existing paint finishing systems.

Our efforts are directed to improving key performance indicators that the paint department is responsible to accomplish. These are normally critical business issues such as first pass yield, production efficiency and workflow, system uptime and reliability, paint finish quality and worker safety.

We provide paint system upgrades that can:

  • Reduce operational costs, downtime, energy usage and environmental VOCs
  • Increase manufacturing process control, production productivity and first pass yields

Our engineers rely on both theory and experience to arrive at the optimal design and solution. Trained and experienced paint system experts work with your team to reduce line stoppages and increase first pass yields to dramatically increase product quality and production efficiency.

To help identify the specific paint system upgrades needed, we provide an independent analysis of the paint line performance during a 30-day assessment period. We collect and create run charts, pareto charts, x-bar –range charts and histograms as appropriate for the process being analyzed. We analyze the data and provide a written analysis specifically identifying negative trends, areas of concern and areas of opportunities.

We are looking forward to discussing how we can help improve your industrial paint finishing system. Please give us a call at 586-630-0205 or email info@SynergyPSM.com.