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Paint Defect Analysis

Paint Defect Analysis and Correction

We provide expert paint defect analysis and correction services for automotive and industrial product manufacturers.

We analyze paint system equipment, air filtration, chemical mix, airflow, operational processes and maintenance to identify paint defect root causes. We also examine finish inspection systems and workstations to optimize operator effectiveness in detecting critical paint finish issues.

Paint defects on a finished part can be labor-intensive and expensive to fix. The resolution may involve removing the paint from the entire part and repainting it. Common types of paint defects include dirt, paint overspray, pits, sags, peel, crazing, blister, oils and craters. We build and maintain a paint defect reference database with associated operating parameters and environmental conditions to establish baseline conditions that can cause each defect type; as well as how each defect type was resolved. We track the defects in the prime and top coat layers, identify root causes and design corrective actions to resolve the underlying issues.

Please give us a call at 586-630-0205 or email info@SynergyPSM.com.

Example: Paint Defect Caused by Foam Sound Deadener breaking down on walls of blow-off supply unit and being sucked into blow fans

defect-particles defect-bacteria defect-source

Example: Paint Defect Caused by Overspray from Robot Cover

defect-blackparticles defect-particle-top-coat-40x defect-source-overspray

Daily Paint Defects over a 2-Month Period


Dirt Type Identification in Top Coat Layer