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    Filtration Services

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Filtration Services

Filtration Services

We provide filtration services to maximize the performance and productivity of your industrial paint finishing system.

Improper filter management can be troublesome and costly. Filter replacement becomes a guessing game, occurring on a scheduled date rather than being replaced after maximum use has been gained. This results in either a series of blockage problems from filter plugs, or increased costs due to unnecessarily replacing a filter sooner than required.

The bottom-line value of our paint system filtration services is to maximize paint finish quality and paint system productivity, while minimizing filter costs and maintenance labor.

Our paint filtration services include:

  • Manage inventory; Incoming orders and outgoing filters
  • Take pressure drop readings over filter banks and other equipment like cooling, steam coils
  • Make decisions on when to change filters based on pressure drop readings as opposed to a set frequency
  • Base orders on inventory
  • Keep an expansive filter change history
  • Chart pressure drop readings over time
  • Post pressure drop charts and filter history on Synergy Quality System board for those in the plant to see

Please give us a call at 586-630-0205 or email info@SynergyPSM.com