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About Us

Analogous to our company name, we create synergy with customers. We provide our customers with specialized expertise, complementary services and a management philosophy that boosts operational efficiencies and quality.

Our company culture is built on Quality and Performance. Our total quality initiatives include our proprietary SQS process, which is a best-in-class continuous improvement quality management process that leverages cross-functional teamwork and a personal commitment by each employee to quality performance excellence.

Trademarks of our services are: superior performance, attention to detail, operational cost reductions, streamlined maintenance and innovative solutions.

The bottom line value of our services: optimized production efficiency and product quality.

Our management team has over 100 years combined experience providing creative, cost-effective industrial cleaning, optimizing paint system operations and paint finish quality, and providing critical manufacturing system upgrades and improvements.

Please give us a call at 586-630-0205 or send us an email at info@SynergyPSM.com.